Watch the terrifying moment a Brazilian senator was shot in a stand-off with masked policemen (Video)

Brazilian senator Cid Gomes shot in a stand-off with  maskedpolicemen(Photo/Video)Brazilian Socialist Party’s Senator Cid Gomes has been injured after shots were fired at him during a stand-off with masked policemen in Sobral city, state of Ceara, Brazil. “Cid Gomes was shot with a firearm and is currently being stabilized at a hospital in the region,” his adviser said in a statement. The Brazilian senator, who is the brother of former presidential candidate Ciro Gomes, was driving a digger towards a group of masked military police officers that were protesting over pay increase when he was hit by two bullets in the town of Sobral on Wednesday.  Reacting to the incident, former presidential candidate Ciro Gomes said: “Although I am full of rage, I calmly wait for the authorities to present those who attempted this barbaric murder and submit them to the law,”  A video posted online shows the policemen obstructing the passage of the Senator by throwing objects at him before they fired shots at the windscreen of the digger he was driving. Watch the video below. BREAKING NEWS: Senator Cid Gomes was shot by a rubber bullet while trying to break into police barracks, driving a DIGGER. Mr. Gomes tried to break a picket line made by a group of police officers who are demanding increased salaries #BrazilianReport— The Brazilian Report (@BrazilianReport) February 19, 2020The post Watch the terrifying moment a Brazilian senator was shot in a stand-off with maskedpolicemen (Video) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.